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01/02/2010 RangeRoverSport won the "Golden Horn" in the "full-size SUV"

20/06/2008 Attention! The new address of IFA!

18/06/2008 International Russian exhibition company "Aye EFs Hey" and "Euroexpo" reached an agreement to merge

06/05/2008 Joining the exhibition AUTOTEC and Automechanika!

13/03/2008 Photos from the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

03/03/2008 Completed its work the 6-th International Specialized Exhibition «Car equipment and accessories. Materials and tools/AUTOTEC 2008 », in the International salon Automechanical c 27 February to 1 March 2008, Moscow, IEC« Crocus Expo »

21/02/2008 Opening of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008 of the International Automechanical Salon 2008!

19/02/2008 Attention! Distribution of invitation tickets to the exhibition «AUTOTEC 2008» is finished!

29/01/2008 The latest equipment from the MK-Slift at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

27/12/2007 Professional German equipment at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008 from «Mach Russa»

19/12/2007 Company Delfin Chemicals exhibition AUTOTEC 2008 will present a trademark 3ton ®

19/12/2007 Production of Italian firms "CORGHI" ( "Korgi) at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

17/12/2007 Brand mobilEn company «Mobile Energy» exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

14/12/2007 Color AVK Company presents a new line of materials under the trademark Normex!

14/12/2007 News from "Business Technology"!

14/12/2007 GARD Holding Company at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

07/12/2007 Attention of participants of the exhibition "AUTOTEC 2008!

08/11/2007 Hurry to take part in the 6-th International specialized exhibition "AUTOTEC 2008" under the "International Automechanical salon!

18/10/2007 Attention! Open e-registration to visit the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

15/10/2007 Today in Paris opened an exhibition of EQUIP AUTO

12/10/2007 Exhibition AUTOTEC, INTERAVTOMEHANIKA and ATiM will be held in the first pavilion of IEC Crocus Expo, from 27 February to 1 March. In the same hall the attention of specialists will be the exhibition, organized by the organizers of the Paris EQUIP AUTO. The total exposition area will be 23 850 sq. m

03/10/2007 The advertising campaign of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008 continues!

20/07/2007 Stay informed! The new section of our site under the name «Useful information». There you will find links to websites of our exhibitions,

16/07/2007 Russian company offers LANTECH stand-off of this for Wheel alignment A-860 production of world-famous company AUTOBOSS

11/07/2007 New items in the range of lifting equipment company AvtoTehTsentr

11/07/2007 Company Alpoka groups, is a supplier of equipment SPACE in Russia, plans to hold the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008 presentation of a new 4D technology system to adjust the wheels of vehicles

26/06/2007 OOO «ACC», the official representative in Russia CORGHI - participant of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2008

12/03/2007 An account of the V International specialized exhibition "AUTOTEC 2007 within the International Automotive SALONFINDER 14-17 February 2007, Moscow, IEC «Crocus Expo»

26/02/2007 Photos from the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007!

19/02/2007 Completed its work on 5-th International Specialized Exhibition «AUTOCOMP. Service Equipment and Technologies/AUTOTEC 2007 », in the International Automotive SALONFINDER 14-17 February 2007, Moscow, IEC «Crocus Expo»

07/02/2007 Closed registration to visit the exhibition "AUTOTEC 2007!

02/02/2007 Hurry! Registration ends wanting to visit the exhibition "AUTOTEC 2007!

02/02/2007 Attention! Workshop "International Automotive SALONFINDER!

02/02/2007 The list of participants and the plan of the exhibition hall AUTOTEC 2007!

29/01/2007 Attention! You have the opportunity to visit the ticket AUTOTEC three exhibitions!

29/01/2007 Extended registration seeking ticket!

12/01/2007 FREE Admission for visitors to the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007!

27/12/2006 Company CarPark a new information partner exhibition AUTOTEC 2007

08/12/2006 A specialized search portal launches quality thematic news feeds

05/12/2006 Hurry to take part in the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007!

22/11/2006 Open e-registration to visit the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007!

14/11/2006 The best tools at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007 by "Trial"

09/11/2006 Research and production company META - new member of our exhibition!

07/11/2006 "NewCom Company will present at the exhibition" AUTOTEC 2007 cleaning equipment German concern ALFRED KARCHER GmbH & Co.KG

31/10/2006 Company GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik Otto Dowidat KG has opened a new tool distribution center in China in Shanghai

30/10/2006 Exhibition «AUTOTEC 2007» starts to work on the exhibition business program!

27/10/2006 On behalf of the International Exhibition Agency IFA, congratulate the participants of the exhibition, as well as all persons related to the automotive industry with the Road Transport Worker Day!

24/10/2006 To buy spare parts has become easier! Company «SeList» introduced a new product in the IT - region

20/10/2006 At the site of Moscow Association of technical service and repair vehicles MAPTO an «Hotline: Quality Technology Services»

18/10/2006 The "Autograph" participant "AUTOTEC 2007, is pleased to inform you of the opening of« hot line »and the forum on the company's website

16/10/2006 Leading automotive Internet portal became Information Sponsor "AUTOTEC 2007

13/10/2006 International trade and industrial holding «STANKOIMPORT» - participant "AUTOTEC 2007!

15/09/2006 Updating the site of Moscow Association of technical service and repair of vehicles!

11/09/2006 The company «Group Optikon» - a new participant of the exhibition "AUTOTEC 2007!

04/09/2006 A unique opportunity for the participants of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007!

29/08/2006 Reconstruction of the site of Moscow Association of technical service and repair of vehicles (MAPTO)

01/08/2006 The advertising campaign of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2007 continues!

24/07/2006 Attention! AUTOTEC 2007 exhibition brochure in electronic format!

12/07/2006 Ongoing acquisition AUTOTEC 2007 exhibition in the International Automotive SALONFINDER!

29/06/2006 Attention! Update home page AUTOTEC 2007 exhibition!

10/06/2006 GEDORE Company announced its participation in the exhibition «« AUTOTEC. Automotive. Service equipment and technology, »», passing within «International Automotive Salon 2007»

02/06/2006 31 May 2006 in the IEC «Crocus Expo», was presented «Automechanical International Salon - 2007»

29/05/2006 Presentation of the new project!

24/04/2006 "Barclay Holding" - participant "AUTOTEC 2007!

11/04/2006 Dear Sirs! Ongoing registration of participants of the exhibition «International Automotive Salon/AUTOTEC 2007»

27/03/2006 AUTOTEC 2007 - New site, new dates!

24/03/2006 Photo exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

17/03/2006 Having successfully completed its 4-th International Specialized Exhibition «AUTOCOMP. Service Equipment and Technologies/AUTOTEC 2006 », held in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya c 13 to 16 March 2006

28/02/2006 Completed registration and distribution of tickets to the exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

22/02/2006 Attention! Ongoing registration for the conference «The future of tire centers of Russia: 4 lessons from PRIZES». Conference to hold Sponsor «AUTOTEC 2006» - the company GOODYEAR

15/02/2006 Meet! Exhibitor AUTOTEC 2006 - professional hand tools ÒÌ «ARSENAL»

09/02/2006 About his participation at the exhibition said the company Auto Master Trading - one of the leading suppliers of spare parts and supplies to the Russian market. All vendors with whom the firm works «Auto Master Trading», representing the world's leading brands and deliver their parts as components for conveyors leading car manufacturers

22/12/2005 In the section «Visitor» E-Registration is open to visit the exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

12/12/2005 Attention! Update Site Association ARDIS!

06/12/2005 Individual approach to the problem of maintaining in good condition all vehicles will present at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2006 the company WAXOYL

01/12/2005 Program presentations tire centers on AUTOTEC AWARDS 2006! Representatives shinomontazhnyh points!

29/11/2005 Sponsor AUTOTEC 2006 made the company GOODYEAR

09/11/2005 Department of Transport and Communications of the City of Moscow, together with MAPTO, NGO «The Moscow Society of Consumer Protection» and other specialized organizations organized hotline «Quality of service»

24/10/2005 Attention! Announcement! Russian subsidiaries are the largest European manufacturer of automotive glass - Saint-Gobain - exhibition "AUTOTEC 2006

13/10/2005 «PRIDE» - Russian Trade and Finance Group (Car, avtokraska, car care, car accessories, tools, avtoinstrument, number paint) has announced its participation in the IV International Specialized Exhibition «AUTOTEC 2006»

02/08/2005 A unique opportunity for the participants of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

29/07/2005 Update home page AUTOTEC 2006 exhibition!

22/07/2005 Executive Director NAPAK (National Association of Manufacturers of automobile components), Blokhina MV signed a formal letter of support for the exhibition «AUTOTEC 2006»

01/07/2005 Company «Sayko Center», which is a party to the IV International specialized exhibition AUTOTEC 2006, offers a mini-stand for the restoration of the geometry of bodies FiTim

30/05/2005 International scientific-practical conference in the exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

25/05/2005 Participation in AUTOTEC 2006 National Association of Manufacturers of automotive components (NAPAK)

24/05/2005 Production of technological equipment of OAO AvtoVAZ was 33 years old

20/05/2005 Pneumatic hydraulic jacks Olmek (Italy) emerged in the range of Inzhtehservis

16/05/2005 AvtoVAZ increased the supply of Automotive at 4.8 percent

14/05/2005 Hurry! Ongoing acquisition of exhibition AUTOTEC 2006. About his participation in March 2006 have already companies such as SHELL, MANA RUSSIA, INMART, EKVINET, EURO-SIW-IMPORT, SIVIK, GARD-HOLDING, ACC, INZHTEHSERVIS, FIELD SERVICE, TEHNOALYANS, AUTO-EM, Saiko - CENTER, LANTEK, AM EURO, and others

12/05/2005 Company «Sayko CENTER» offers a novelty in the dust

04/05/2005 New season! Superavtomatichesky shinomontazhny stand, allowing the wheels of cars up to 26 inches, at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005

03/05/2005 Participation in the 2005 AUTOTEC Moscow Association of technical service and repair of vehicles (MAPTO)

29/04/2005 Nozhnichny hydraulic lift, which has no analogues in Russia, demonstrated at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005 «Company SIVIK», Omsk

29/04/2005 Summing up the results and awarding the winners of competitions «The best car in Moscow», «The best car wash in Moscow» and «Best point inspection», held under the auspices of the Department of Transport and Communications was held in Moscow in the exhibition

28/04/2005 90% of participants had already indicated their intention to participate in the next exhibition AUTOTEC 2006!

27/04/2005 The success of the exhibition AUTOTEC! љљљљљ Earned the highest evaluation conducted by specialists from 13 to 16 April at the Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya III International Specialized Exhibition «Automotive, Service Equipment and Technologies» AUTOTEC 2005

08/04/2005 Update on site AUTOTEC: Approved program «Technologies for TO and repair», carried out by 15 April 2005 at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005

05/04/2005 An «Quality Mark» technical services for enterprises. In the course of the contest «The best car in Moscow», held on 14 April in the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005 will also be awarded to «Quality Mark», established by the Government of Moscow, the Association MAPTO and the Moscow Society for the Protection of Consumers

01/04/2005 Equipment Brand: HUNTER, ROTARY, COLORTECH & BLANKHAWK, stand-off of this, brake lines, hoists, shinomontazhnoe and balancing equipment, office training

23/03/2005 пЛТБУПЮОП-dryers TERMOMAKS for cars, trucks, industrial cameras, gas GAZTEST-Avesta, opacimeter MD-01

21/03/2005 Equipment for body repair Blackhawk, lifts, stocks, compressors, machinery for the selection of paint PPG,

17/03/2005 AUTOTEC 2005 - a forum of professionals in the country's best venue - at the Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya!

14/03/2005 Spare parts and car accessories Italian factories La Prealpina srl, Aquamax snc, Leonardo srl, G3 spa Italia will present its stand on the exclusive distributor of Italian manufacturers - the company VPTrade

11/03/2005 April 13-16, at the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005 the largest Russian companies working in the market Car equipment, exhibits will demonstrate the European level of quality

05/03/2005 14 April 2005, the exhibition AUTOTEC in the event will wrap-up and award the winners of wide competition organized by the Government of Moscow

04/03/2005 CJSC «Cedar» designed and produced a series of rudder tip and ball bearings "Trial-Sport, komplektuemaya ball with your finger coating Nilbor-20" and elastollanovymi protective covers

03/03/2005 The products of the Italian manufacturer "CORGHI" will present at its official representative - the company ACC

01/03/2005 Conference «Technology for the SO and repair vehicles» within the framework of the exhibition will hold a JSC AvtoVAZtehobsluzhivanie

10/02/2005 Attention! New dates for the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005!

11/01/2005 Seminar «New Car Equipment and Technology Association of ARDIS»

17/12/2004 The contest "The best car in Moscow in the exhibition AUTOTEC 2005

16/12/2004 Seminar «Japanese Technology»

17/11/2004 Venue AUTOTEC Moscow 2005, Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya

16/11/2004 AUTOTEC Moscow - an official event of the Moscow Government!

15/11/2004 Having successfully completed its work on 2-nd International Specialized Exhibition «AUTOCOMP. Service Equipment and Technologies/AUTOTEC Moscow 2004 »,

27/09/2004 The new phase of development of the international exhibition AUTOTEC Moscow! Support from AUTOPROMOTEC Bologna! In 2005, the Exhibition AUTOTEC Moscow will take place with the assistance of the Italian company Promotec srl Already over 40 years of organizing the world-famous exhibition of equipment and services to the transport industry

20/08/2004 Presentations and Conferences. The Organizers are happy to announce an opportunity to all companies interested in AUTOTEC 2004 to hold seminars, conferences and round tables.

20/08/2004 From 10 to 13 November in the conference hall in the exhibitions will be held thematic seminars and conferences. Organizers are pleased to provide an opportunity for all participants and interested companies the possibility of holding special events during the exhibition AUTOTEC 2004!

10/08/2004 The Organizers invite you to pre-register on our site!

10/08/2004 E-registration opened exhibition AUTOTEC 2004!

22/07/2004 Online Pre-Registration is coming soon! Online pre-registration is available to all companies who have professional interest at the event.

22/07/2004 Soon, visitors will see electronic registration of companies wishing to visit the exhibition AUTOTEC 2004! Companies that have direct relevance to the market avtotehobsluzhivaniya will receive free tickets to the exhibition

11/05/2004 The State Moscow Automobile and Road Technical University MADI (STU), National Association of Automobile Parts Manufacturers (NAPAK) and Moscow Garage Service Association (MAPTO) welcome you and inform about the round table sessions that will take part at AUTOTEC 2004.

11/05/2004 On the preparations for the special events during the exhibition AUTOTEC 2004 announced NAPAK, MADI (STU) and MAPTO

19/04/2004 National stands of Germany, Check Republic and Turkey booked space at AUTOTEC 2004.

19/03/2004 We have updated the map to the UK Olympics!

19/03/2004 We have updated a road map to SC Olympiyskiy!

19/02/2004 The exhibition will be presented AUTOTEC national stands of Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey!

05/02/2004 Ongoing promotional campaign of the exhibition AUTOTEC 2004!

05/02/2004 AUTOTEC 2004 continues its marketing campaign!

19/01/2004 In the gallery you can see photos from the exhibition AUTOTEC 2003!

19/01/2004 Please visit Photo Gallery to see the best photos of AUTOTEC 2003!

12/01/2004 We have updated all sections of our site!

12/01/2004 We have updated information of our website!


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