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«Day AWARDS» within AUTOTEC hold Sponsor - the company GOODYEAR.
«Day AWARDS» devoted to the opening in Russia is already widely known in Europe network tire centers Prize. "

program presentation centers prize into AUTOTEC 2006 includes
conference «The future of tire centers of Russia: 4 lessons from PRIZES» ,
be held 15 March 2006, the .

The conference invited car companies, car dealers, shinomontazhnye centers and companies interested in building a tire centers of the European level.

11:00 Collection guests
11:30 Start Conference
LESSON 1. Landmark - in perspective. Overview and trends in the development of automobile and tire market in Russia.
(Kovrigin AS, deputy general director of OAO "ACM-Holding)
12:30 LESSON 2. The maximum profit. Description of the program and the main benefits for partners.
(Konstantin Alexeyev, head of the development of retail network, the company "Goodyear Russia")
13:10 LESSON 3. collaboration.
(Mordasov AA, director general of the Association Yugsnab)
(Ahapkin AV, commercial director of "Rema Tip Top")
13:30 LESSON 4. World experience and expertise.
(Joerg Uellendahl, director of retail development (Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa), the company "Goodyear")
13:50 Answers to the conference participants.

to participate in the conference, you can fill in the following form

details of possible cooperation in the program PRIZE, please HERE , as well as by calling +7 (495) 720 6655

Moscow Government Decree «On the further development and improving the quality of service vehicles and equipment in a self-Moscow» Exhibition AUTOTEC included in the schedule of official activities of the Moscow Government.

The exhibition will be taking stock and rewarding the winners of competitions
  • «The best car in Moscow»,
  • «Best bowling in Moscow»,
  • «Best point inspection»,
held under the auspices of the Department of Transport and Communications, Moscow.

in 2005 took part in the competition 793 enterprise technical services.

urban competition winners were awarded the distinctive «mark of quality», established by the Department of Transport and Communications of the City of Moscow, MAPTO and the Moscow Society for the Protection of Consumers.

The exhibition program also includes a traditional range of scientific and practical conferences and seminars conducted with the active assistance of NAPAK, MAPTO, the Association of Automotive Engineers (AAI), as well as leading companies in its industry.

program for the implementation of the Concept of development of the automotive industry in Russia National Association of Manufacturers of automotive components are scheduled for the following activities:
  • International Conference on the topic:
    Investment in production of automobile components: international experience and its application to the circumstances of Russia;
  • roundtables on the themes:
    «Can the Russian automobile industry to maintain its independence»;
    «counterfeit and security vehicles».
More information about the program of events will appear shortly.
It's for everyone!


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