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Magazine «Autoshop» № 12, 2004

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Journal «Autoshop» № 12, 2004

we were not able to take stock of «4WD Salon» and «Marine Salon», again propela battle trumpet, and correspondents magazine «Autoshop» hastily had to move under svodymoskovskogo Olympic sports, where the account is the second International Exhibition « AUTOCOMP. Service Equipment and Technologies/AUTOTEC 2004 ». As for the first time, this exhibition, held from 10 to 13 November, was organized by International Exhibition Agency, IFA, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Department of Transport and Communications of the City of Moscow, the National Association of Automotive Components (NAPAK), the Moscow Association of technical Service (MAPTO), the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (GTU), Association «Russian Automobile Dealers».

Subjects of the exhibition, displaying all the latest market trends of service vehicles, is the already traditional: automotive parts and accessories, workshop and service equipment and tools; autochemistry and oil, auto and avtoelektronnika; automobile anti-theft systems, and burglar alarms, tire and wheel discs; tuning, etc.

remained unchanged and the format of the exhibition - «only for professionals», which implies the establishment of the maximum working environment that enables business to conduct negotiations and sign contracts directly in the stands.

Nevertheless, the exhibition sets SC «Olympic» aroused great interest not only among professionals but also ordinary motorists. For 4 days it was visited by more than 4 thousand people. Among them were specialists from almost all regions of Russia, as well as other foreign countries. The main composition of the guests - delegates from the regional wholesale trade organizations, dealers and distributors, representatives from automobile, service stations, service stations, transport companies.

Participants in the exhibition, which is more than 80 companies from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico and Turkey, not only demonstrate the latest achievements in the above areas, but also willing to share experiences. Sponsored NAPAK, MAPTO, AAI and MADI (STU), a series of seminars and scientific conferences. Of particular interest to specialists led seminar «Japanese technology», at which representatives of several firms the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as the Round Table «The wheels and tires for the car».

The exhibition ended with a success, as evidenced at least by the fact that 90 percent of participating companies have decided to participate in the spring version of AUTOTEC 2005, which will be held from 9 to 11 March 2005.

AUTOTEC 2005 will become an official event of the Moscow government. Support from the leadership of the capital due to the need of specialized events for professionals in the field of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. In addition AUTOTEC 2005 will take place with the assistance of the Italian company Promotec sr I., which is already over 40 years, organizes the world famous Car exhibition of equipment and services in Bologna - AUTOPROMTEC.

With regard to the significant enhancement of exposure associated with the emergence of a significant number of stands of Italian companies working in the automotive, as well as a large-scale business activities, the venue for the AUTOTEC 2005 was chosen as the leading exhibition area of Moscow - Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya.


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