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Brand mobilEn company «Mobile Energy» exhibition AUTOTEC 2008!

Trademark mobilEn is pleased to present a significant replenishment of a number of our professional line of self-ignition systems.

Now we can offer you more than 20 modifications (in the performance of 6, 12, 24 and 48 volt versions and combined), reliable and powerful launchers devices for professionals. Small, stable and easy to operate these powerful aides to launch virtually any vehicle vehicles - from motorcycles to aircraft even at extreme temperatures.

Also starting devices mobilEn series PRO can boast starting engines More than 1500 hp, terminals of cast bronze with a convenient and reliable capture connecting cables and starting from a high-quality copper, 70 mm 2 (!) in the section. These devices are also easy to use, as of service. Useful life is 10 years, with more than 1000 (!) Cycles discharge-charge of domestic battery.

Our self-starting devices may be fitted on request elongated cigarette lighter cable and special plugs (in the Among developed on your TU) for direct connection to the electrical vehicle. All models

series PRO, made in Western Europe to the highest standards quality. Among many other emergency services, fleet, airlines, vehicle, roadside assistance clubs around the world these devices have already few years, the Department takes public transportation from New York City, United States, but there are thousands of buses and other transport sedstv.

mobilEn P2 PRO 12/24-3200/1600 . At 12V mode gives 3200A and 7750A starting current (!) peak. It has two internal battery of 52 A/h and can run diesel engine Mercedes (16 cylinder, 38 liter, 1500 hp) without a full battery! And that's not the most powerful instrument in this lineup.

Models mobilEn P4 PRO 12/24 has an interesting and a unique option. And it is - a portable, offline (!) Welding-type MIG. This device is a gun with automatic feeding electrode wire. You can easily carry out welding in offline mode, even if The nearest outlet is located thousands of miles away from you. Details on the company's website -

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